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"Success for All"

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

The staff at Honiton Community College are committed to providing your child with a supportive and inclusive education.

If you would like more information on how we can work together to support your child, please contact:

Director of Additional Needs/SENDCo  - Ms F Harrell

Contact details: 01404 42283 ext 218 or

Assistant SENDCo - Mrs A Salter

Contact details: 01404 42283 ext 236 or

PA to SENDCo - Miss L Bradbury​

Contact details: 01404 42283 ext 238 or

SEN and Safeguarding Governor - Mr A Smith

Contact details:

The Accessibility Plan and SEND Policy can be found under the Policies page or by clicking here

Additional information:

There is a lot of information available for parents or carers - below are some of the main contacts:


The Local Offer

This gives children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities and their family’s information about what support services the local authority think will be available in their local area. This can be found at


Devon Information Advice and Support for SEND

DIAS have a dedicated team offering legally-based and easily accessible information and advice about special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). They support parents, carers, children and young people with SEND and the service is impartial and confidential.

Tel: 01392 383080


Community Paediatric Service

Community Paediatrics is part of Community Children's Services. The department consists of doctors and nurses who provide out of hospital care for children and young people. They also carry out a range of statutory duties in relation to child protection, medical advice for special educational needs, and health assessments of children in care.

Community paediatricians and nurses work within the wider health network of therapists and nurses and also with CYPS (local authority Children and Young People’s Services) and the voluntary sector. The role of the paediatric service involves prevention, identification, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and support. Many will also have specialist skills/interests in addition to their general work (e.g. adoption; neuro-disability). You can find out more here.

What support is there for my child’s overall well-being?

​The pastoral team at Honiton Community College comprise of both teaching and non-teaching staff. The team is comprised of:


Year 7

Head of Pastoral: Ethan Leach

Pastoral Support Officer: Nikki Venn, Sasha Thomas

Year 8

Head of Pastoral: Pippa Salter

Pastoral Support Officer: Nikki Venn, Sasha Thomas

Year 9 

Head of Pastoral: Steevie Daw

Pastoral Support Officer: Nikki Venn, Sasha Thomas

Year 10

Head of Pastoral: Hayley Blight

Pastoral Support Officer: Nikki Venn, Sasha Thomas

Year 11

Head of Pastoral: Tom Skelding

Pastoral Support Officer: Nikki Venn, Sasha Thomas

Sixth Form

Director of Sixth Form: Selena Burroughs


The role of the pastoral team is to support and challenge our students to attain their very best. We offer a coordinated response to those students facing difficulties; supporting with a relational, attachment based approach and challenging through the judicious use of consequences and restorative conversations.


Wellbeing Team

The team are here to provide all our students with both social and emotional support. This level of support is usually specifically implemented if a student is having difficulties or needs some additional input.

Medical and Medicines

Medical and Medicines

We have a comprehensive Medical and Medicines policy which can be found here. The administration and control of medicines is done through Mrs Michelle Clements. If you need your child to have medication within the college day you will need to fill out a medical consent form. Where the medical condition is more serious/complex we will require a formal medical care plan to be completed with input from the relevant medical professionals.

If a student requires personal or intimate care then co-operatively with the parents/carers, medical professionals we will draw a formal care plan. The colleges personal/intimate care policy can be found here.

Useful Resources to Access at Home

Various lessons:



National Autistic Society:


Children and Family Health Devon:



Hearing impairment:


Visual impairment:


Improve typing skills: or

COVID-19 Support for Parents:

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