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"Success for All"

Severe Weather

If there has been severe weather overnight and you are not sure whether the College is open, or whether your child’s College transport is operating we will post information at the following locations:

In addition, local radio stations such as Radio Devon (103.4 MHz FM) and Heart FM (97-103 MHz FM) will have up to date information.

We will aim to have someone at the College to take telephone calls (01404) 42283 – except in very severe weather conditions.

If the College is open and your child’s transport has not arrived, but traffic is moving in your area, it may be that the transport is simply delayed, but if the transport has not arrived after 20 minutes then it must be assumed that it is not operating. If College transport is unable to bring your child into College in the morning, it may also not be able to take them home in the afternoon if there has been no improvement in weather conditions.

If the College is open and you bring your child into College yourself, you must be prepared to collect them again at the end of the day.

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