"Success for All"

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A position of great importance in the College

  • Train for a role of responsibility

  • Gather evidence for your CV

  • Be a positive role model


They will be students who are a positive role model for all members of the College and wider community. They will help to foster team spirit, encouraging all students to believe in our Mission Statement, Vision and Values. 

Our Prefects for 2019-20 are:


Emma Nuttall & Michael Thomas 

Their roles:

  • Will support you with all your educational needs​

  • Will emphasise the importance of focus, hard work and aiming high during your time at the college

  • Will also aim to minimise exam stress by providing students with effective revision techniques and methods to optimise exam results


Ilana Cousens & Paige Huggett 

Their roles:​​

  • Ensuring pupils feel secure and happy

  • Helping new students who have joined the school and making them feel welcome and comfortable

  • Helping with the year 6 transition into year 7

  • Helping year 8 students choosing GCSE subjects and give them guidance and advice

  • Giving our support at open evenings/days

Special Educational Needs

Emily Kellow 

Her role:​​​

  • Helping you with your homework after school​

  • Helping with any concerns - available for a chat or to play a board game to de-stress

Wellbeing and Mental Health 

Kacey Welch & Molly Swift 

Their role:

  • Support students and give advice

  • Deal with issues privately 


Evie Salter, Josh Warren & Maddie Lapping 

Their role:  

  • Deal with any worries you may have - in and out of sport

  • Encourage people who are less confident at sport

  • Run clubs that students suggest

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