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"Success for All"

The Intent of the Curriculum

The over-arching intent of the curriculum is a five/seven year learning journey through a body of knowledge that is seen as a whole and  not artificially compartmentalised into Key Stages; where links between subjects are explicit and exploited so that the students can comprehend the world they live in through the knowledge they have internalised. Components are carefully positioned to make subsequent learning possible.


The taught curriculum is as broad as possible for as long as possible and supported by a wide range of additional opportunities.


Intent descriptors for our curriculum:

  • Years 7 to 9 – ‘Awe and wonder’ – developing from primary school the enjoyment and excitement of learning

  • Years 10 to 11 – ‘Developing independence’ – as a student moves through the GCSE years equipping  them to take ownership of their own learning

  • Year 12 to 13 – ‘Embedding independence’ – using the VESPA model (Vision, Effort, Systems, Practice and Attitude)

Progress can be defined as

‘Learning is defined as an alteration in long-term memory. If nothing has altered in long-term memory nothing has been learned’

Sweller, J., Ayers, P., Kalyuga, S. (2011)


Progress means knowing more and remembering more

Ofsted (2020)

The curriculum is progressive and equips students with core knowledge about the best that has been thought, written and designed: balancing Shakespeare plays, the study of a broad sweep of British history and scientific reasoning; achieving mastery in mathematics and ICT; giving opportunities for creative excellence in art, drama, music and design technology; contributing to healthy and responsible citizens through food & nutrition, PE and life skills.

Working within this framework each team has the pedagogical  autonomy and rigour of their subject to map, teach, assess and intervene.

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