"Success for All"

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Nurturing an ambition to succeed

From the satisfaction of solving a new problem to the sense of intrigue felt when encountering the patterns which pervade the subject, there is something for everyone. Mathematics has a great deal to offer students of all abilities.  Qualifications in mathematics are highly sought-after by employers. The five year programme leading to GCSE keeps this in mind whilst seeking to illuminate the subject in its own right.

Key Stage 3

Starting with the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division – the path toward abstract problem-solving begins here. At the same time as students increase their fluency with the language of the subject, they gradually develop confidence in using mathematics to tackle a variety of challenges from across the discipline.

Whilst the programme varies according to the ability of the student, the syllabus below is representative of the mathematics covered in the first two years at the College.

Key Stage 4

The foundation tier of GCSE Mathematics (grades C-G) provides an emphasis on the essentials of the subject, along with an introduction to problem-solving in practical situations. The higher tier (grades A*-C) develops a wider and more abstract repertoire. At this level students encounter demanding areas of the subject and use their abilities to solve problems of greater complexity.

An outline of each syllabus is given below. Note that Year 9 students follow a course designed both to stimulate interest and provide a firm basis for GCSE. Further details are available in the relevant schemes of work.

Key Stage 5

A-Level Mathematics comprises Core Mathematics 1-4 together with two applied modules.