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"Success for All"


Nurturing an ambition to succeed

From the satisfaction of solving a new problem to the sense of intrigue felt when encountering the patterns which pervade the subject, there is something for everyone. Mathematics has a great deal to offer students of all abilities.  Qualifications in mathematics are highly sought-after by employers. The five year programme leading to GCSE keeps this in mind whilst seeking to illuminate the subject in its own right.

The “Revisit & Extend” nature of our curriculum ensures regularity of review and provides natural opportunities for students to consolidate as well as extend their skills.


Years 7 & 8

Starting with the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division – the path toward abstract problem-solving begins here. At the same time as students increase their fluency with the language of the subject, they gradually develop confidence in using mathematics to tackle a variety of challenges from across the discipline.


Year 9

Students build on their work in years 7 & 8 to develop their existing abilities in some areas and build a whole new set of skills in others.  Preparation for Key Stage 4 is the focus here and building solid foundations to build on going forward.


Key Stage 4

The foundation tier of GCSE Mathematics (grades 1 - 5) provides an emphasis on the essentials of the subject, along with an introduction to problem-solving, especially in practical situations. The higher tier (grades 4-9) develops a wider and more abstract repertoire. At this level students encounter demanding areas of the subject and use their abilities to solve problems of greater complexity.


Key Stage 5

A-Level Mathematics offers the intellectual challenge and abstract elegance for which the subject is renowned.  But a great deal more is in store for students as they encounter powerful and far-reaching applications. The course is fully examined at the end of the two years and consists of pure mathematics alongside statistics and mechanics.  Mathematics naturally complements many other A-level subjects and provides an essential grounding for anyone interested in the scientific or technological world.

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