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"Success for All"


Careers information, advice and guidance is an extremely important part of a student’s school journey. In line with Ofsted requirements, all schools will now follow the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks as below.


  1. A stable careers programme

  2. Learning from career and labour market information

  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil

  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers

  5. Encounters with employers

  6. Experiences of workplaces

  7. Encounters with Further and Higher Education

  8. Personal Guidance


You can read into more detail in the Good Career Guidance report here.


All students in all years will receive a programme incorporating employers, workplace visits, curriculum input, further and higher education institutions, labour market information and personal guidance. Where important decisions are about to be made, students will have access to impartial and qualified Careers Advice. Examples of this are listed below.


Year 9 – GCSE subject choices- Options


Year 10 – Futures week, summer term


Year 11 – Post 16 applications, autumn term


Year 12 & 13 – Post 18 Options



There is so much information online now that it can be hard to know where to start and which to use.  Below are a few helpful websites for Careers to start you all on your way…


The Local Enterprise Partnership are funded to provide impartial and up to date resources. Their NEW Padlet is full of information and is updated twice a week.


There is one is just for parents/careers. There is another just for students!



Non-University options


The central apprenticeship website to learn about apprenticeships whether you are a parent, student or employer is

Here you can also find local and national apprenticeship vacancies.


There are lots of opportunities for non-university progression now. This website is great to give them an idea of companies that offer new routes into careers. Many of these vacancies are national at this stage, but if your student is interested then we can support them with trying to find similar employers or vacancies in the area.

Non-University options -



University progression and post graduate opportunities


Navigating university progression whether you applied to university yourself or have never had anyone in your family attend university, can be very overwhelming! makes great efforts to make this easier for parents and they have their own UCAS Parent page which will allow you to step by step navigate this journey yourself. There is a student section as well and students will be introduced to their side in school.


Prospects is a really easy to use website where your student can take a quiz, browse undergraduate subject choices and either plan forwards or work backwards. They can either see what careers and industries they can progress to with certain A Levels, or they can see what A Levels are needed as entry requirements for certain degrees.



Labour Market information - THE FUTURE! A great place to start for those with no idea of what is out there and where the jobs will be in the future.


Learning about which industries are set to grow locally and nationally in the short, medium and longer term is really important when students are deciding what subjects to study. If you can look at labour market information with your student/s then you can begin the conversations early and sew the seed. This can prove inspirational for students who aren’t sure of what they wish to do. If they can at least find an industry that they are interested in or a cause they are passionate about, then this is a great start on their career path!

Heart of the South West Hub –

Take a look at some labour market information about jobs and sectors set to grow and decline in the future




National updates, useful advice as well as careers events will be featured in the college newsletters on a regular basis to help you support  your child’s next steps.


Should you have any further questions with regards to Careers before or during your child/children’s time at Honiton Community College, please contact the Registered Careers Lead, Melanie Jones.


Should you have any questions with regards to your child/children progressing to, or currently studying within our post-16 (previously titled sixth form), please contact our Director of Post -16 – Selena Burroughs

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