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"Success for All"

Remote Learning Resources 

Below is an explanation of programs students will need to be able to access whilst learning at home.

Class Charts - This is where students can see their timetables and homework that has been set by the teachers. Homework will also need to be submitted this year. Parents/Carers can also view this.

Office 365 - This is where students can access their email, an online version of word, excel and PowerPoint.

Teams -  Students can access teams via their office 365 email.


Below please find a list of useful websites 

Support your child with reading

Wellbeing/kindness activities and learn First Aid


Planning your daily routine 

Screen Color Filter and Dimmer

Change your display colour according to time of day

Open Dyslexic Font

Colour filter over desktop

How to read documents using office 365

Pobble 365 - a new image is published each day as a basis for creative writing. Story starters, questions and drawing ideas are provided

How BBC Bitesize can help you learn on TV and online

Below is a list of subject specific ideas


If In Doubt....DRAW


Homeschool History

Click here on how to contact IT Support
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