Sixth Form: A-Level PE / Sport Science (EdExcel)

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This course will give you an opportunity to:

· Develop knowledge and understanding through practical application.

· Encourage a holistic understanding of PE.

· Nurture skills of knowledge for progression to further study.

You will:

Study 4 key areas:

· Component 1: Scientific principles of PE (applied anatomy & physiology, exercise physiology, applied movement analysis)

                40%, 2.5hour exam, 140 marks.

· Component 2: Psychological and social principles of PE (skill acquisition, sport psychology, sport and society)

                30%, 2hour exam, 100 marks.

· Component 3: Practical Performances (skills as a player/performer or coach in 1 sport)

                15%, 40 marks.

· Component 4: Performance analysis and personal development programme (PDP)

                15%, 40 marks.

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