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Here is where the information related to the Governors will be placed
As a Governing Body, our three core functions are to:
·         Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
·         Hold the Principal to account for the educational performance of the college and its pupils and the performance management of staff; and
·         Oversee the financial performance of the college and making sure its money is well spent.

Responsibility for the day to day management of the College rests with the Principal and the Executive Leadership Team.

Our Full Governing Body meets once every half-term.  We have two main committees who meet once every half-term.  They manage a large proportion of our work, as set out in their Terms of Reference, and report back to the Full Governing Body. 

They are:
·         Quality of Education (formerly Teaching and Learning)
·         Resources

We also have a Performance and Pay Committee who meet once per term and report back to the Full Governing Body as well as a number of other committees who only meet if the need arises (First (Hearings) Committee, Second (Appeals) Committee, Admissions Committee and Complaints Committee) as well as our Principal’s Appraisal Panel (who meet twice per year).

Our Governing Body consists of 6 parents governors (elected by and from parents of registered pupils at the college or, where the need arises, appointed by the Governing Body), one co-opted governor (appointed by the Governing Body), the Principal and 6 appointed governors (members of our local community appointed by the other members of the Academy Trust). We also have 3 staff ambassadors and 2 sixth form representatives who attend governing body meetings.

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Governance Officer

Mrs S Matthews

Company Secretary

Mrs J Hay

To contact the Governing Body:

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Current Governors & Staff Ambassadors

Current Members

Governors who have left in the last 12 months

Staff Ambassadors who have stepped down in the last 12 months

Members who have left in the last 12 months

Summary of Registered Interest

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