This week students have been attending assemblies based on the upcoming General Election. This is in preparation for a mock election which is taking place on Thursday 12th December. The aim of this is to encourage democratic participation and to help students better understand politics. 

During tutor time on the 6th of December, sixth form students were presented with policies from certain political parties without knowing which policy belonged to which party. They had to choose one green (health), one yellow (public spending), one red (transport), one brown (housing), one purple (education) and one blue (Brexit). They were then told which policy belonged to which party. This was to help them better understand which parties policies they agreed with the most without anything clouding their judgement. 

Feel free to try yourselves: 

They were then shown how public service spending would increase under each party and their stance regarding Brexit: 

Other options were explained to the students including Change UK, Green Party, UKIP and Brexit Party. They also spoke about tactical voting and what you need to form a Government.

This was presented to the students in a way that did not encourage them to vote for a particular party. 

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