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GCSE Results

Honiton Community College students are celebrating a really strong set of GCSE results, and rightly so. They and their peers have endured an unparalleled year in education and therefore they have earned the right to celebrate, as well as be excited about the future.  Moreover, I feel we all should!


This Year 11 group were destined to achieve an excellent set of grades long before Covid-19 and lockdown; their progress and performance data always indicated they would be a vintage year; more than likely, they grew tired of me telling them so over the past five years.  Grades awarded today are thoroughly well deserved and we should not shy away from applauding their hard work and commitment to their studies. Our students deserve to be praised.


Thankfully, results are now based on centre assessed grades (CAGs).  These are much more than guesses; they’re not just ‘finger in the air’ predictions, nor are they inflated and unwarranted.  Actually, the grades are based on extensive prior data, professional knowledge and ultimately, a robust and thorough moderation and scrutiny process, both by Departments and also senior management. Though no grading system will ever be perfect the reversion to CAGs was the right decision and arguably a fairer way to portray the true potential of students.


Head of Year 11, Tom Skelding, stated: “This is the 5th set of Year 11’s I have seen through the finish line, but it has been by far the most controversial end to the “race”. Each and every one of our students should feel incredibly proud of how they have coped in the face of such adversity and in years to come reflect on what has been the strangest of times!”


Lots of students were keen to share their success and here are a few quotes:


Ryan Salter: (4x8s, 4x7s, 1xDistinction*) “I was really happy with results after the anxious wait for students and teachers, and now looking forward to returning to Honiton to see everyone again and carry on studies in A Levels.”


Victoria Howard: (2x9s, 4x8s, 2x7s, 1xDistinction*): ‘After months of waiting in nervous anticipation for my results, I am ecstatic that I have achieved my goals all thanks to the amazing teachers here. I am looking forward to continuing my journey into Sixth Form.’


Harriet Copeman: (1x9, 7x8s, 1x7) “I’m very happy with my results and look forward to studying next year at Exeter college. Despite really enjoying my time at Honiton College and the skills it’s given me.”


Tomos Johns: (4x9s, 1x8, 2x7s) “Pleased to see so many '9's as I felt that, had I been in college from March until the exams, I would have pushed myself to achieve these grades. I’m thankful for the support I have received over the past 5 years and would like to single out in particular Mr. Skelding,  Ms. Flynn and Mrs. Stacpole.”


Leo Shelton: (7x9s, 2x8s): “I’m very happy with my results and can’t wait to start at Exeter College next month. I really appreciate everything that the college and all of the teachers have done for me over the past five years and I will always remember my time at Honiton Community College.”


Charlie Shepherd: (1x8, 5x7s, 1x6, 2x5s) “I am very pleased with my grades and am looking forward to starting sixth form in Honiton. I am also pleased that I have been rewarded the grades that I worked so hard for and I would like to thank the teachers at Honiton for pushing me over the last five years to get these results.”


Emma Nuttall: (2x9s, 3x8s, 4x7s) ‘I’m really pleased with my results and can’t wait to continue my education here! HCC has always been so supportive and I’m so grateful.’


Many of this year’s leavers are actually returning in September to continue their studies in our sixth form, but whatever path they choose to take next year they can walk tall - they have every right to be proud of their achievements and we are truly delighted for them and their families.


Director of Post-16, Selena Burroughs, stated: “I am delighted to be welcoming many of this Year 11 cohort back to HCC in September to continue their studies with us at Sixth Form. Although they have missed engaging in their last part of their education this academic year, we are fully committed into supporting them when they start with us in September and throughout their Post 16 journey with us.  All the team and fellow students look forward to them joining the Sixth Form and following the success of previous students within our community.”


After the trials and tribulations of 2020 (coronavirus and government incompetence considered) I believe students will now get what they deserve. 


Very well done to the class of 2020.

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