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"Success for All"

College Uniform

Compulsory Items:

  • Black College blazer with Honiton Community College Academy Trust logo 

  • College tie 

  • A College black ‘V’ neck jumper with College logo is optional in the colder months. (The blazer must still be worn) 

  • Plain black full-length tailored trousers or college skirt. 

  • If belts are worn, they should be narrow and plain black with a normal buckle.   

  • Plain long-sleeved white shirt with a collar (In the summer term a short-sleeved shirt is acceptable).  

  • Sensible, plain black all over, leather or leather-look school shoes only. They must be low heeled. Canvas shoes are not acceptable. 

  • Plain black, grey, or white socks. 

  • Large bag suitable for carrying all equipment (including A4 sized files) and books. A rucksack is advisable, handbags are not permitted. 


Hair Styles

  • Hair styles should avoid extremes of fashion. ‘Tram lines’ of any kind; colours other than natural hair colours; extreme hairstyles (eg Mohican cuts) are not acceptable. If you are unsure whether a hairstyle is acceptable or not, please contact your Head of Learning or SWC for clarification. 



  • Earrings should be discreet, stud only, two in total. 

  • Necklaces, rings, bracelets, wristbands, facial piercings (including tongue piercings) are not permitted.

  • A wristwatch may be worn (no smart watches are allowed in exams).


The following are not acceptable uniform:

  • Trousers must not be excessively skinny or baggy and must be worn on the waist (not low slung) and full length. Leggings, denim, jean-style, canvas, flare style or corduroy trousers are not acceptable. 

  • All skirts other than the official college design are not acceptable. The skirt should be knee length. 

  • Sandals, flip-flops, dolly shoes, high-heeled shoes, knee-high and ankle boots are not acceptable.  

  • Logos on belts, buckles, trousers, or skirts.

  • Fitted shirts.

  • Coloured nail varnish and gel/acrylic/false nails.


PE Kit:

Essential PE kit for all students:

  • Navy and sky blue short-sleeved polo shirt with Honiton community College Academy Trust logo 

  • Plain navy blue shorts 

  • Trainers – not ‘skateboard’ type or plimsolls (non-marking soles) 

  • A change of socks for PE - either white or long navy and sky blue football socks 


Essential PE kit for Year 7 students only:

  • Towel and swimming costume.  These can be any colour, girls must have a one-piece swimming costume, boys shorts must be above the knee.


Addition/Optional Items (depending on PE curriculum, sport/subject choices):

For Football and Rugby units:

  • Navy and sky blue rugby/football long-sleeved shirt 

  • Long navy and sky blue football socks 

  • Shin pads 

  • Gum shield 

  • Football boots 

(Advised to wait and see PE curriculum in September before purchasing) 


Order through PROSERVE, collect an order form from the College/download from the PE section on the website:

  • Navy tracksuit bottoms with Honiton Community College Academy Trust logo for PE  

  • Navy PE hoodie with Honiton Community College Academy Trust logo for PE 

  • Navy leggings with Honiton Community College Academy Trust logo for PE  

  • Navy base layers with Honiton Community College Academy Trust logo for PE  

  • Navy skorts with Honiton Community College Academy Trust logo for PE are an optional extra for certain sports (see PE staff for more information).


Where can I buy the new uniform?

The items that are specific to Honiton Community College and bear the College logo are only available from:



66 High Street


(01404) 42100


102-104 Fore Street

Exeter (01392) 255711


Other plain items such as trousers, shirts, and PE shorts etc. that comply with our uniform policy can be purchased locally from Honiton Sports, or alternatively from the suppliers such as ASDA, TESCO, Marks & Spencer etc.



Jewellery/clothing excessive to the guidelines that are not in keeping with the College uniform will be confiscated until the end of the day.


Repeat wearing of excessive jewellery and/or clothing that is not uniform will result in it being confiscated and held until a parent can collect it.


Any student arriving at College whom it is felt is inappropriately dressed will be sent to the SWC until their parents can be contacted; they will then go home to change into College uniform.

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