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"Success for All"

College Executive Team

Welcome to the page of the College Executive Team (CET). We are a school council committed to improving the facilities at school, organising fundraisers for good causes, raising important issues about the school and being your student voice. Here you find a list of our current representatives and updates about our fundraisers and work in the school. If you have a hot issue for CET to discuss please contact your CET representative and they will add it to the agenda for their next CET meeting. If you would like to get involved with CET please email

What we do

As CET, We are here to help you with any concerns you may have about the school, acting as a voice for you and your opinions. We also create opportunities for you to make your school experience as memorable as possible, as well as interviewing prospective candidates for staff vacancies. Our most prominent role is to organise fundraisers for charities.

From our Chair

Even with the restrictions of COVID-19 imposed on us, we were still able to pull off an exceptional fundraiser, with fun being had whether you are being dunked or doing the dunking (or both in my case!). We were able to get the students involved through voting for one CET member per year group to complete the challenge and send out an edited video to show during tutor time(full credit to the P&C Officers and their deputy.) It was all so much fun to do, as I had never done an Ice Bucket Challenge when it circulated a few years ago. It was a good experience, even though I knew the reason I had to partake was because 160 or so votes were in my favour!

Contact Us

If you would like to contact our members you can email any of the students below

Abigail Norris

Elizabeth Lanning

Penelope Cregan

Amduscia Gregory

Thomas Newman

Freya Keene

Amber Spence

Georgina Lees

Charlie Hurford

Rosenwyn Meek

Sophie Rose

Emily Summers

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